Temperature Regulators and Control Valves

Dale Foster Sales offers temperature regulators and control valves manufactured by Trerice for use in a range of industrial temperature process control applications.

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Temperature Regulators

Principles of Operation

The Trerice “Self-Op” Temperature Regulator is a fully self-contained unit, requiring no external power source (i.e., compressed air or electricity). Regulation takes place when the sensing element (bulb) of the thermal system is exposed to changes in temperature. The thermal system is charged with a predetermined amount of vapor fill, which, when heated, will cause a bellows within the unit’s actuator housing to expand. As the bellows expands, it compresses a return spring while simultaneously moving the valve stem downward to stroke the valve. When the process temperature decreases (or in the event of thermal system failure), the return spring will move the valve stem upward to the “out” position. The choice of valve action (stem In-To-Close or stem In-To-Open) will determine its system failure position.

Selecting a Temperature Regulator

The Trerice “Self-Op” Temperature Regulator is recommended for controlling the flow on relatively stable systems, where small valve stroke modulations will correct temperature drift. Where sudden or large load changes or rapid temperature changes occur, a pneumatically or electrically powered Trerice Control Valve should be specified.

Trerice models available: 91000 series, 91400 series, and 91600 series.

Control Valves

Principles of Operation

A control valve is comprised of an actuator mounted to a valve. The valve modulates flow through movement of a valve plug in relation to the port(s) located within the valve body. The valve plug is attached to a valve stem, which, in turn, is connected to the actuator. The actuator, which can be pneumatically or electrically operated, directs the movement of the stem as dictated by the external control device.

Selecting a Control Valve

Selection of a control valve is primarily dependent upon on the service conditions and load characteristics of the application.

Trerice models available: 910 Series (Pneumatic), 940 Series (Pneumatic), and 940E Series (Electric).

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