Pressure Gauge Snubbers

If your system has pressure spikes, water-hammers, pressure pulsations from a pump, or rapid pressure changes, using a pressure gauge snubber can prolong the life sensors. Snubbers are designed to improve readability and prevent wear on delicate gauge mechanisms by slowing rapid pressure changes and reducing shock and chattering.

A pressure gauge snubber dampens the spikes and surges that, over time, will cause a pressure gage or transducer to fail. The pressure snubber has a porous metal disk that protects your gauge or transducer. Easy to install, the snubber goes between the gauge or transducer and the process. If a single snubber does not correct the oscillation, it recommended placing an additional snubber in line with the first.

DFS-Gauges carries pressure gauge snubbers from WIKA, Trerice and Ashcroft. See our blog entry about See our blog entry about When to Use a Pressure Snubber and How to Choose One.

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