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Frequently Asked Questions
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Registration, Log in and Getting Started
Product Selection and Searching
Getting Detailed Product Information
Pricing and Availability
Placing and Processing Online Orders
After-Sale Support, Order Follow-up and Tracking
Technical Issues and Security

Registration, Log in and Getting Started

Do I have to log in to use Dale Foster Sales Website?

It is not necessary to log in to browse the catalog for product information, pricing, and availability. However, log in is required to place orders, view customer specific pricing and to access all functions which use your company’s account information. Once you've registered, you log in with your account number, user ID and password.

How do I register?
New online customers are asked to register one of three ways:
1. Link to an existing account (when you know your company is already a Dale Foster Sales customer).
2. Set up a new account with Dale Foster Sales, with a credit line.
3. Set up a new account with Dale Foster Sales and purchase by credit card only.

To register, click on the Register tab in the left hand navigation on the home page, and complete all required information. If you have questions, call customer service at 1-800-326-6518 (toll-free).

Once you've completed the online registration form and received notification that your account has been validated, you will be considered a registered user and you'll be able to log in with your account number, user ID and password.

Why does it take a full business day for Dale Foster Sales to process my registration?
Many of our online customers have done business with Dale Foster Sales before and already have an account set up. It's important to us, and to you, that we price your orders according to any contracts or other agreements we've made with your company. Although we're usually faster, in some cases we take up to a day to thoroughly research and link you to the right account and credit line, or to set up a new one. We want to make sure it's right, and that takes a while.

Why do you require me to log in with my account number?
Dale Foster Sales has two very important, account-specific features at our customers’ request: online pricing and order history/tracking. To retrieve the information that pertains only to your account, we have to know your account number at log in.

Does Dale Foster Sales use cookies to store information about me?
We offer you the option of using a "cookie" to store information, so you'll be automatically logged in whenever you return to the site.

How does Automatic Login work?
If you select "Yes" for Auto Login at registration, you may browse other pages, return to Dale Foster Sales and remain logged in. You may close your browser or shut down your computer and when you return to Dale Foster Sales, you will be logged in. Only if you log out, will you need to log in again.

If you select "No" for Auto Login at registration, or if you later disable it, you will have to log in after every browser closure, system shut-down or log out.

How do I change my Automatic Login selection?
You can change your Auto Login from the My Account page. Select the "Edit User Info" link and in the first section, User Log-in and Password, choose Yes or No for Automatic login and press the Submit button.

What if I forget my Account Number, User Id or Password?
No problem. If you forget your Account Number or User ID., please contact, or give us a call, toll-free, at 1-800-326-6518. We can look them up for you. We cannot, however, access your password, because it is encrypted in our system. Only you can access that.

On the Log In page, click on the link Forgot Your Password? You'll be asked to enter your account number and user ID. Your password will be emailed to the email address on record on your user profile.

Product Selection and Searching

What’s the best way to order if I know the part number?

If you know the full part number you have three options as shown on the How to Shop page:
1. Your Lists (Favorites)
This is the fastest method of ordering. You may create and save a list of items you order frequently. When you’re ready to place another order, just click on the Your Lists link to use your list again. Set up one or more of these lists and use them repeatedly. You may edit the items and quantities and “send” a list to the Order Form for checkout.

2. QuickOrder
This is the second fastest method of ordering. Quick Order allows you to bypass catalog searching to enter the part numbers directly into your Order Form. If the part number is not exact, the search engine will give you a list of near matches from which to choose. You can access Quick Order from the upper right side of the home page after log in, or by clicking the Quick Order under the My Account box after login.

3. Search
The best and most flexible way to find an item when you know something about the part number. You can operate Search in three modes: Manufacturer P/N, Keyword, or, if you’re logged into your account, Customer P/N.

How do I find an item if I don’t know the part number at all?
Advanced Find is the best way to find the item you want if don't know the part number, but you do know the basic technical attributes (e.g. style, size, materials, connections, pressure rating, etc.) of that item. Simply click on the appropriate product category (i.e. Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches, Thermometers, etc.) on the left navigation menu bar to start the Advanced Search selection process.

The site will guide you through the search process. First select a category, then a sub-category, then the various attributes of the product. Then click search.

The system will return a Search Results page. This page will display all items which matched your search criteria. From the Search Results page, you may view pricing and availability, view product details and technical data, and add items to your Order Form.

How do I increase or reduce the number of search results in Advanced Find?
As you select each of your product parameters, you will see the number of possible matches displayed at the top of the screen. If that number gets too small, change one or more parameters to Any. If the number is too large, make a selection other than Any in more of the parameters.

My company orders from Dale Foster Sales using our internal part numbers. Can I order online that way?
Yes. If you’ve provided Dale Foster Sales a cross-reference list of your part numbers to ours, you’re probably ready to order using your numbers right now. If you haven’t done that yet, please send us the list and we’ll get that valuable tool set up for you right away. We can even help you figure out which parts are which, or cross over competitors’ parts. Please call Dale Foster Sales Customer Service, toll free at 1-800-326-6518, or e-mail

Is everything Dale Foster Sales sells available through
Most of our frequently ordered items are available online. Some highly engineered items that have to be sized to your application are not yet sold online. We’re expanding the online catalog of items continually. Some items have all attributes and supporting information, some are still in the works. But you can view the price and availability of all part numbers you see in search results, and purchase them online.

Getting Detailed Product Information

Where is the detailed product information on the site?
Once you've searched and found the item you are looking for, click on the part number. This will take you to a product information page with descriptive information, pictures, illustrations, specifications, dimensional drawings, and other technical data.

Do I have to have Adobe Acrobat to see technical data?
No, Adobe Acrobat is not required to view the product information page with descriptive information, pictures, illustrations, specifications, and dimensional drawings. However, many items have additional information available as downloadable PDF files. PDF files can be viewed, printed out, or saved to your PC using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click on the Acrobat icon to download to your computer, free.

Pricing and Availability

Where does the pricing on come from, and when is it updated? is fully integrated with the main Dale Foster Sales enterprise system. All pricing queries make a live connection to our enterprise system, for completely up-to-the-minute prices for your account.

How is the availability figured?
When an item is not in stock in the quantity you asked for, the system displays the amount that is available, plus an estimated lead time for the balance to arrive from the manufacturer. This estimate is based on the recent average lead time that we’ve experienced on this item. The number that is displayed includes transit time from the product’s manufacturing location to our Distribution Service Center. However, the estimate does not include transit time from the DSC to you because that time varies depending upon the UPS shipping method you select at checkout.

Placing and Processing Online Orders

How are orders I place online processed?

Orders are transmitted electronically, and are received within minutes at our distribution service center for immediate fulfillment of stock items. If your order is placed by 4 p.m. MST, and is in stock, it will ship the same day.

Does someone at Dale Foster Sales review my online order before it ships?
It depends. We find that our customers very seldom make errors in their online order placement, so we trust that what you’ve entered is correct. A request to ship stock items is sent directly to our distribution service center immediately after you place your order. If your order for stock items is placed by 4 p.m. MST, it will ship the same day.

Items that are not in stock require review by our Materials department to confirm that they’re already on order with the manufacturer, or to place them on order right away. If you’ve requested an unusual item, or one that’s on backorder at the factory, you will receive a call or email from our Customer Service department to update you on the lead time.

My shipping address is not correct. Can I change it online?
Yes, shipping addresses may be added, edited, and deleted online. After you log in, the My Account page will appear. On the bottom of the page is a section for Editing Your Shipping Addresses. There you can edit and delete shipping addresses.

My billing address is not correct. Can I change it online?
To protect your account, billing addresses cannot be added, edited or deleted online. If the billing address for all users on your account has changed, please contact our Customer Service department, toll-free, at 1-800-326-6518 or e-mail

How can I reduce the time it takes to place an order?
You can place an order by adding products to the Shopping Cart from Your Lists, Quick Order, the Search Results page, or any product information page. The complexity depends upon whether you know what part numbers you want or not. Either way, can handle it! As with any website, the first time is the most time consuming; after that it gets easier and faster.

How do I keep track of what I’ve placed in my Shopping Cart?
You can check the order you’re building at any time by clicking the Shopping Cart link at the top of the page. This will show you all the items that you've added to your Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart lets you make changes or deletions prior to Checkout.

My purchase is for resale and should not be taxed. Why doesn't offer that option at checkout?
If we have a valid resale certificate on file for your company, your account should be set up for you to check mark which items are non-taxable. If you do not see this option on your Shopping Cart, please contact to set this up.

How do I complete my order?
Once your Shopping Cart is complete, click CHECKOUT. The Checkout page allows you to edit your order prior to finalizing the transaction. During Checkout, you will also be asked to select payment and delivery methods. After you've placed your order, we will send you a confirmation by email.

Can I pick up an order I've placed online?
Customers in the Tempe, AZ area can pick up items in stock from our Will Call location. When ordering, select "Will Call" from the delivery choices on the Delivery & Payment page. Items not in stock will be ordered and held for pickup as they arrive.

Can I pick up an order after business hours?
The Will Call counter is open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. To arrange After Hours service for in stock items, please call: 1-800-326-6518. A charge will apply for After Hours service.

After-Sale Support, Order Follow-up and Tracking

Your site says lead times on backorders are estimated. Will you let me know if the actual lead time is different?

Our customer service staff reviews every online order that contains a backorder. If the actual lead time is found to be different from what the website has estimated, you will get a phone call or email from us soon after placing your online order.

Can I expedite an order online?
Yes, you can. To check shipments, or to send an expedite e-mail, please start at Order History.

1. On the Order History list, find the order you want and click on the Ship Info button to “drill down” to more detail on the order.
2. Next, on the Order Status Summary page, find the line item you want to expedite and click on the Track button to see more detail on that line item.
3. Last, on the Order Status Detail page, click on the Expedite button. This will pull up an email form that already has all the relevant info filled in. All you have to do it fill in your comments and send.

Can I track my open orders or get a proof of delivery online?
Absolutely! To see if your order has been shipped or delivered by UPS, please start at Order History.

1. On the Order History list, find the order you want and click on the Ship Info button to “drill down” to more detail on the order.
2. Next, on the Order Status Summary page, find the line item you want to expedite and click on the Track button to see more detail on that line item.
3. Last, on the Order Status Detail page, Shipment Detail section, click on the UPS tracking number for the shipment you want to check. This will link directly to the UPS online tracking system where you will see where your order is in transit, or when it was delivered and who signed for it.

How do I cancel or change an item I ordered online?
Order changes cannot be made online. Because we ship most online orders immediately, usually changes and cancellations cannot be processed before your order ships. If you would like to try to cancel or make changes before your order ships, please call Dale Foster Customer Service at 1-800-326-6518 or e-mail your request to

How do I return an item?
Returns cannot be processed online. For assistance in setting up a return, please contact Dale Foster Sales Customer Service, toll free at 1-800-326-6518 or e-mail your request to items are not returnable, like non-refundable or special order items.

Is it possible for me to view everything my company has bought from Dale Foster Sales?
To review your company's purchases from Dale Foster Sales check Order History. You will find a complete list of the past three months’ purchases, whether placed online, by EDI, phone, or fax. You may drill down to view details on line items and shipments on any order on the list.

Technical Issues and Security

Which browsers work best for

Which browser to use is a personal decision, based on your preference. was built using Microsoft tools and is running on a ASP.Net platform. There is some inherent compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but the site will work best with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 and up, Netscape 6.1 and up, AOL 6.0 and up. Please note we do not support beta browsers.

Why is the site slow sometimes?
When you take advantage of some of our secure features, like placing an order, then our site enforces SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to authenticate and protect the various data points. We make protecting your sensitive information a top priority. As a result, there are times when our site will focus processing power towards security rather than speed.

How do I know others can’t access my account?
We understand that your personal profile and company account information is sensitive. Your account number and user ID are confidential and we will not share them with others. Further, your password is stored in an encrypted format that cannot be read by our employees or web developers. Should you forget your password, it can be requested by you and sent to your email address confidentially. Additionally, we will not disclose your information to outside organizations or mailing lists.

How do I know my credit card number is securely transmitted?
When you order from Dale Foster Sales, you can be assured that your transaction information is safe because we utilize SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. The industry standard in Internet security, SSL uses encryption techniques to scramble the information you submit until it safely reaches Dale Foster Sale's server. SSL is today's best available means of securing your Internet transactions.
Credit card numbers are used only for payment processing and are never retained for any purpose. Having to enter your credit card number every time you want to use it for payment may be a bit inconvenient, but it’s an important part of our commitment to your privacy.

Does Dale Foster Sales sell or share my registration info with other companies?
No, never. Not even to the manufacturers we represent.

Does Dale Foster Sales use my registration info to send me promotional messages?
Dale Foster Sales maintains a customer database for two reasons. First, to communicate with you about transactions. Second, to notify you of product developments that could be useful in your business. Dale Foster Sale's promotions are in full compliance with federal anti-spam laws. If you wish to opt-out at any time you may click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all promotional emails, or mail your request to Dale Foster Sales - 8350 S. Kyrene Road, Suite 102, Tempe, AZ 85284.

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