Dale Foster Gauges offers Parker fittings that provide leak free solutions. Fitting styles include – A-LOK Fittings, CPI Fittings, Face Seal Fittings, Mini Buttweld Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Socket Weld Fittings and Medium Pressure Fittings.

A-LOK Fittings

Parker A-LOK® double-ferrule tube fittings are designed to provide an alternative for the installer of double ferrule tube fittings in need of leak-free connections for process and control systems, analyzers, and OEM equipment applications.

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CPI Fittings

Parker CPI™ single ferrule tube fittings are designed to provide an easy leak-free connection for process and control systems, analyzers, and environmental equipment applications.

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Face Seal Fittings

Designed for use in high purity positive pressure and vacuum applications where component removal is required, these face seal fittings come in two styles -- VacuSeal and UltraSeal. VacuSeal face seal fittings incorporate a microfinished mating gasket and toroid design. This results in a helium leak-tight seal. UltraSeal face seal fittings incorporate an O-ring seal design, providing excellent vibration and thermocycling performance, while eliminating turbulence and entrapment zones. Both face seal styles are available in high purity stainless steel and other suitable alloys.

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Mini Buttweld Fittings

These standard metal weld fittings offer high integrity mechanical connections for positive pressure and vacuum applications in ultra high purity systems. The mini buttweld fittings also provide compact designs for use with orbital weld equipment. These stainless steel weld fittings feature unique machining and surface enhancement to prevent out gassing and inhibit corrosion.

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Pipe Fittings

Designed as leak-free connections for process control, instrumentation, and general plumbing applications, these metal pipe fittings are precision machined from forgings for elbows, tees and crosses, and from bar stock for straight connectors. All pipe threads are National Pipe Taper (NPT) and exceed the requirements of ANSI B1.20.1. Available in brass, steel, or stainless steel materials.

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Socket Weld Fittings

Parker Weld-lok® Socket Weld Fittings

The weld used in joining a tube to a socket weld tube fitting is like any other type of “tee” weld. The root (i.e., the point of intersection of the outside of the tube and annular end area of the fitting) must be included in the weld zone.

Careful welding procedures are normally followed to assure that this root area is included in the weld. If penetration is not achieved, the joint will have two built-in stress risers which may greatly reduce the strength of the weld. Upon application of an extreme load, these stress risers could result in cracks which could propagate out through the weld or tube depending upon the direction of the greatest load.

Often to achieve full root penetration in TIG welding of stainless steels, a fusion pass will be made first, followed by an final pass utilizing a filler rod to achieve the desired fillet size.

How To Order: Parker Weld-lok® components are ordered by part number as part listed in the DFS-Gauges website.  Example: If your system requires a 90o elbow fitting going from 1/4" tubing to 1/4" tubing, you would order the following

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Medium Pressure Fittings

Parker MPI™ fittings are designed to provide secure, tight, and leak-resistant connections in liquid and gas applications that require pressures in the range of 6000 to 15,000 psi. These tube fittings incorporate a two ferrule, inverted design that forms a tight pressure seal. Parker MPI™ Fittings are sold completely assembled and ready for immediate use.

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