Pressure Gauge Accessories

Trerice Pressure Gauge Options & Accessories provide enhancements to customize and optimize pressure gauge performance, along with the necessary accessories to complete any installation.

Pressure Snubbers

Pressure Snubbers are designed to improve readability and prevent wear on delicate gauge mechanisms by slowing rapid pressure changes and reducing shock and chattering. A pressure snubber should be installed on a gauge in any application where pressure spikes and/or pulsations may be present. If a single snubber does not correct the oscillation, it is recommended to
place an additional snubber in line with the first. Trerice Pressure Snubbers reduce the pulsation by forcing the pressure medium through a porous metal core and are constructed from brass or 303 stainless steel for use on a variety of pressure media.

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Pulsation Dampeners

Trerice 870 Series Pressure Impulse Dampeners are designed to improve readability and prevent wear on delicate gauge mechanisms by slowing rapid pressure changes and reducing shock and chattering.  An impulse dampener should be installed on a gauge in any application where pressure spikes and/or pulsations may be present. Trerice Impulse Dampeners are engineered for field serviceability (cleaning and parts replacement) and are constructed from brass or stainless
steel for use on a variety of pressure media.

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Trerice 885 Series Coil Syphons are designed for use on steam service to form a pocket of water between the pressure gauge and the process steam, thereby preventing the steam from reaching the bourdon tube of the pressure gauge. Trerice Coil Syphons are constructed of steel, brass, or

304 stainless steel with a 180° coil for use on a variety of requirements.

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Needle Valves

Trerice 735/740 Series Needle Valves are of the rising stem type and are designed to shut off the flow of the process media to the pressure instrument, thereby allowing the instrument to be isolated from the pressure media or removed from service. Needle valves may also be used to throttle flow and aid in dampening pulsations. Trerice Needle Valves are constructed from brass, carbon steel and stainless steel for use on a variety of pressure media. It is recommended to place a needle valve, ball valve or gauge cock in line before every pressure gauge installation.

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Gauge Cocks

Trerice 865/880 Series Quarter Turn Gauge Cocks provide an economical way to shut off the flow of air to the pressure instrument, thereby allowing the instrument to be isolated from the pressure media or removed from service. Trerice Gauge Cocks are constructed from brass and are intended for use on air lines where leakage is not of concern. Note: It is recommended to place a needle valve, ball valve or gauge cock in line before every pressure gauge installation.

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Test Plugs and Accessories

The Trerice Test Plug provides a convenient access port for determining the pressure and/or temperature of process media contained in a pipe line or vessel. The test plug is designed for use in chilled or hot water systems and is permanently installed in the system at the desired test location. A test thermometer or pressure gauge with test adapter can be inserted through the plug to determine the conditions within the system. When the probe is withdrawn, the inner valve plug closes to seal the system. The test plug includes a removable cap to protect the inner valve plug and provide a secondary seal. 

Nordel, otherwise known as EPDM, provides excellent service in hot or cold water. Nordel should not be used with hydrocarbon solvents, hydrocarbon oils, chlorinated hydro carbons or turpentine.

Neoprene, a synthetic rubber, provides excellent service in ammonia, high aniline point petroleum oils and silicate ester lubricants. Neoprene should not be used with silicone greases, silicone oils or di-ester based lubricants.

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